Key words

  • Cross media- where a media product is promoted across different types of media to reach a mass audience.
  • Synergy- is when two or more media products join forces to have a greater impact on audiences than they would individually.Eg Tulisa and x factor
  • Media platforms-The groupings of different media texts (e.g. E-Media, Print & Broadcast)
  • Media text- All media products (e.g. TV programmes, Films, CD’s etc.)
  • Representation-It’s the way that people, places, cultures & beliefs are portrayed to the audience
  • Industry- The business side of any type of media.
  • Mode of address- how a musics contents is relevant/suitable for its audience.
  • Target audience- people that the product is aimed at.
  • conventions- something  you would expect to see eg you would expect to see a headline on a article or you would  you would expect vocals in a song.
  • Genre – a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content.Eg film genres are romance, horror,comedy etc, and for the genres in the music industry are RnB,hip hop, grime etc.

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