Analysis of TV chat show

Name of chat show: Adele Interview on The Jonathan Ross Show (3rd Sept 2011)

FORMS:  What are the conventions of the chat show?  Presenter, audience, types of questions etc…

The questions that are expected to be asked are about her music and what she is doing now, she mentions her song’s ‘rolling in the deep’ and ‘someone like you’ this can give her more views because if some one who is watching it has not listened to the song they might want to listen to it also she tells us that are songs are written by her and she gets the ideas from her diary which she writes when she’s drunk, so we know its based on a real situation which someone can relate to. Also she mentions Gordon Ramsey came to her concert in La which promotes where her she performances in America. She shares a story about a drunken old women (60) at her concert that was drunk and pissed her self. She says she doesn’t care about the fame side she’s not after that.Through out her time on the show she laughs a lot which shows us she is a very lively person.

AUDIENCE:  Who is the target audience?  How do you know?  What is the mode of address?   How do audiences respond to the text?

The Jonathon Ross show is aimed at an older audience I know this because of the language that is used by both of them also because jokes are made about Gordon Ramsey who is known by an older audience and the audience responds with a laugh which shows we us that they know what is on about.

INSTITUTION:  What industries are being shown here?  What channel or media platform is the interview shown on?

The Jonathan Ross show is show at 10pm on a Friday night this after the watershed that means the programme has adult content in it.

 REPRESENTATION:  Who/what is being represented?  What topics are discussed that may tie in with the target audience? Adele was asked about her love life and previous relationships this can tie in with the audience because if some of them have been through the same issue they can relate with her or some can she her as an inspiration because of the way she dealt with the situation. -tells us shes going to be recording in November



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